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My First Porsche: 1987 Porsche 944

Mileage:104,000 when purchased March, 1999
116,500 when sold June, 2000
Color:Guards Red
Interior:Black Leather / Black Carpet
Transmission:   5-Speed Manual
Engine:2.5L OHV Inline 4 Cylinder, Normally Aspirated
Wheels:FRH 993 Replica 17x7.5J Front, 17x9J Rear
Tires:Yokohama AVS Sport 225/45ZR-17 Front
Yokohama AVS Sport 245/40ZR-17 Rear

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My Impressions of this car:

This 1987 Porsche 944 was an extremely fun car to drive!  After 14 years, the paint was starting to wear quite thin on the plastic trim and hood ridges, but the famous Porsche Guard's Red still turned quite a few heads around the neighborhood.

The history of this particular Porsche is somewhat of a mystery. I purchased the car from an associate at work in March 1999 with a hair over 104,000 miles on it. He had purchased the car two years earlier from Brookman Motor Works of Timonium, Maryland with approximately 85,000 miles. Because the "early history" of this car was unknown, the previous owner had the complete major service performed at time of purchase, including timing/balance belts, rollers, and radiator flush/fill. Replacement of front brake rotors, rear shocks, and a driver's power seat switch was required to pass Maryland's stringent used car pre-registration inspection requirements.  After several thousand miles, the previous owner also replaced a leaky power steering rack and had the wheel bearings re-packed and adjusted.

When I acquired the car, the first thing I did was a general tune-up. I replaced the rear differential/transmission oil with 75-90W Amsoil Synthetic gear lube, changed engine oil over to Valvoline Synpower 15W-40 synthetic blend, aged factory plug wires with Magnecor 8.5mm wires, plugs to Bosch Platinum +4, K&N High-flow Air Filter, and replaced the DME ROM chip with one from Europroducts optimized for 92+ octane and increased red line to 6950 RPM.

I didn't stop with the tune-up! The car ran and sounded fantastic, but the factory 15" alloy wheels looked like crap after 13+ years of harsh chemical cleaners and abrasions, and the Kelly VR50 directional tires were absolutely horrible in dry and wet weather conditions with their 340 treadwear rating!  The clear answer was to fork out $1800 for a set of FRH 993 replica wheels, and Yokohama AVS Sport tires all the way around.  The car evolved from from "barely acceptable" to "totally awesome" in road handling instantly!   It felt like it was riding on rails, with only the fastest tight radius turns yielding a slight "whirrr" noise from the rubber on the road.  In the handling department, this car lived up to the apt phrase:

    Porsche. There is no substitute.

 When I let the previous owner take the "new car" for a spin, he could hardly recognize his old car.  Midrange and top-end power were dramatically improved, and idle through low-end accelleration were considerably smoother.

Alas, as with most things, the day comes when you want more performance than your car can provide.  While the 944 was an astounding performer in tight turns, it wasn't the fastest car on the block.  I had been spoiled by the horsepower of my earlier 1993 Pontiac Formula with the LT1 V8 engine.  Was there a way I could get the handling of my 944, with the speed and aggressive acceleration of my Formula?  Of course!  The clear answer:

944 turbo.

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